Love this type of technology for a learning environment. Also, the ability to download relevant documentation is wonderful!

– Robin Callow, SSVF Program Coordinator, Catholic Family and Child Service

It’s always a pleasure to work with the MyVEHU Campus team. They are professional, helpful and dedicated to producing quality learning opportunities for all staff.

– Timothy Graham, Director, VHA FOIA Office

Thank you for the wonderful recap of the presentation ratings. On behalf of Nutrition and Food Services, we are inspired by the results, and look forward to doing even more training programs. I can’t begin to explain the transformational experiences rendered by this approach to learning, and sharing great times with our staff.

– Ellen Bosley, National Director, Nutrition and Food Services

We are very happy with the outcome of our presentation in MyVeHU Campus. We received terrific ratings and it was a pleasure working with the MyVeHU program.

– Michael Kauth, Ph.D., LGBT Program Coordinator, VHA Patient Care Services

This is the GREATEST way to do trainings. Reduced costs. Live. Interactive. Best use of technology ever!

– Susan Buckmaster, Director of Regional Services, Volunteers of America

Presenting in MyVeHU Campus was a great experience. Members of the OIA Training Strategy team were available whenever we needed them and they were helpful in making sure the content was consistent and flowed easily. This experience was similar to lots of life’s challenging experiences - difficult while it’s happening, but definitely worth it in the end – especially when it improves the care we provide for our Veterans.

– Mary Lou Glazer, Office of Connected Health

Our Team is still talking about our VeHU experience and how wonderful it was. I always tell people what a great opportunity it is to present from My VeHU campus.

– Kristen Wing, VHA Office of Rural Health, Veterans Rural Health Resource Center-Eastern Region

I really appreciate how the MyVeHU team respected our experience, listened to our input, and made adaptations. They are great at making presenters look their best. I think MyVeHU is the best thing to happen to VA education efforts in a very long time!

– Laura O. Wray, Acting Associate Director, VA Center for Integrated Healthcare

The entire VeHU experience is smooth and pleasant and there are numerous tools ready to be used but not distracting or hard to find. The icons are well thought out, they make sense, and people get it right away. I also like the breaks, intermissions, and previews that make it theater-like. I have watched VeHU grow over the years in both size and quality, and they have done this by being flexible, adapting, adopting and adjusting. Congratulations to the entire VeHU Team.

– Maurilio Garcia-Maldonado, Houston VAMC

Recently, the Marion VAMC scored A+ ratings in Records Management and FOIA and a very promising score in Privacy. They told us that part of that success was the training they had received. Thank you to MyVeHU Campus for helping the VHA Privacy, FOIA and Records Management offices provide key information and tools that our customers need to run successful programs.

– David McDaniel, Privacy Compliance Assurance Officer

I recently viewed the session What Every Employee Needs to Know about Eligibility, and I spent 2 hours planning how to use this tool in the Philippines - was that impressed. It is especially helpful and ties in exactly to what we are trying to do in the Philippines, where communications infrastructure is far less than what is available in USA.

– Robert Crawford, Manila OPC

After watching the session Josh: A Veteran’s Experience with VA, I will remember to always be an advocate for Veterans. I will look for ways to say "Yes" and never say "No". There is always some way to get something done, it is my job to figure out how. It was very helpful to get insight from a Veteran that has relevant personal experience with VA.

– Michael Bichrest, Rural Health Community Coordinator, VLER Health (CCSi)

Really enjoy MyVEHU! The VA is lucky to have such creative people developing new and exciting ways to share information!

– Rebecca Swisher, Care Coordinator

I am impressed with the perspective, technology, and quality of training that MYVEHU is providing. This improvement in training makes me proud to be part of the VA.

– Scott Archer, VBA, Houston VARO

I think MyVeHU Campus is one of the success stories in VA. We are a learning organization, so the robust programs offered in MyVeHU are a great way to keep staff current. The training I completed was important to the function of my Service and the information was pertinent and timely to our needs. Also the certificate process works well as I can print off the certificate and scan it to a folder, then send it to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD tracks my CE).

– Gregory Movsesian, Chief, Dental Service

I really love how VEHU is set up. It is so convenient especially the on demand. Thanks for your hard work and your continued improvements.

– Barbara Siepierski, ACOS, Geriatrics

All the staff involved with MyVeHU Campus made certain that I was prepared for my live presentation, and I felt confident that I would deliver a quality presentation. I believe the quality of my presentation was significantly enhanced due to the professional efforts of the production staff at the MyVeHU Campus studios. This is a group that works exceptionally well as a team and prioritizes the needs of the presenters. I have spent 26 years with VHA and from a personal and professional perspective, I can confidently state that this was one of the best, most rewarding experiences of my career.

– Dr. Gregory Smith, Associate Director, Dental Informatics and Analytics, Office of Dentistry

Providing us with a "human face" for Human Factors Engineering (HFE) was the most useful part of the Designing Usable Apps: Tips to Incorporate and Pitfalls to Avoid session. VeHU, TechTalk, MTA, & ITC will never be fully replaceable, but this hit home for me today, even more than with the other MyVeHU sessions that I've attended.

– Joel Russell, IT Specialist & Clinical Applications Developer

I would like to thank your team for coordinating the TEDMED sessions through MyVeHU campus. TED is a wonderful platform for sharing positive, constructive ideas in a time in which much of what we hear and read about in the world is negative. This is the first time I have attended something through MyVeHU campus, and I am very impressed with the platform and the breadth of content it provides.

– Jonathan Ludwig, Office of Quality, Safety and Value

I love MyVeHU Campus! Training resources available 24/7/365, wherever you are, on any connected device. My office, the Office of Connected Health is passionate about delivering health care resources to Veterans wherever they are on any connected device and MyVeHU Campus is passionate about delivering training resources to VA staff wherever they are on any connected device. It’s no wonder I dig their business model. Log on today and take a look around.

– Neil C. Evans, MD, Co-Director, OIA Office of Connected Health

MyVeHU Campus is a valuable training resource and has been integral to my continued learning.

– Angelo Deguzman, CPRS CAC, Jesse Brown VAMC

I appreciate that I can access sessions through MyVeHU Campus. I probably would not be able to physically attend sessions and would never be able to benefit from the knowledge shared.

– Kelly Spinelli, Health Technician, Central Western Massachusetts Healthcare System

The MyVeHU format is an incredible tool to enable us to reach our geographically dispersed employee population much more effectively than any other format currently available to us. The feedback I have received from my staff since returning is that the town hall format is invaluable for orienting staff to both the organization’s mission and to the senior leaders of the organization. The MyVeHU platform has significant potential for orienting new employees and for orienting all staff to new concepts/programs.

– Joyce Deters, Director, Workforce Management, Chief Business Office

MyVeHU is absolutely phenomenal! You do an amazing job with these presentations and format. This is infinitely better than any other educational option available. I am hooked!

– Alan Petrazzi, Pittsburgh VAMC

Though preparing the lectures for MyVeHU Campus was a lot of work, I also learned so much from working with the Virtual Presentation Technology Specialists in improving what and how I present. Working with the studio staff in a live green studio has also provided me with feedback on how I could improve my presentation style. Overall, I had a great experience and can’t wait to have the rest of my team present on campus next year – thank you!

– Jenice Guzman-Clark, Clinical Nurse Advisor, VA Office of Nursing Services (ONS) Geriatrics Field Advisory Committee (FAC)